Sarah Lehman


Do you ever have that moment when you look up to the sky and see a few buzzards, or turkey vultures, or whatever the fuck they’re called? And they’re doing all these acrobatics, and you start to think they’re performing? Like they’re showing off for you? They’re giving you a private exhibition? But then you realize they’re actually kind of swarming you Jaws-style? So you start to get a little nervous and wonder what’s going on? And then you remember you’re holding a soft pretzel? And you look down at the pretzel in horror and instinctively throw it as hard and as far away from you as you can? And it hits a child? In the face? And then the parent of the child who just got assaulted by a salty dough snack glares at you and escorts the child away because you’re “unsafe to be around”? And then you stand there, hungry and alone? Yeah, me either.
Published Work